Organisation Strategies

Active Voices contributes to building a sustainable society for women and girls. In the implementation of programs, we make a difference through five key strategies:

Champion transformative policies/laws and iinspire public support:
Advocacy is an integral process in the formulation and accountable implementation of policies, programs and laws. It plays a key role in the influence of political and social decisions including gaining public support for a cause/campaign or tackling issues of social injustice.

Harness and leverage on the catalytic resourcefulness of young people:
We believe youths are a tremendous resource for change and Active Voices supports and promotes youth involvement to drive change and overcome obstacles to health and development.

Conduct research and implementation science to inform policies and programmes:
In the era of evidence-informed programming and policy development, research aids in strategic decision-making and is key to being relevant and responsive to the needs of the organisation’s target population.

Build partnerships and implement people-centred/driven projects and programs
The value of collaborations and building strategic partnerships cannot be over-emphasised. The partnerships we have built and maintained since inception has been vital to our success at Active Voices.

Develop new ideas and approaches to drive change[CU1]
Active Voices believes in innovation and utilising non-traditional approaches to bring about the desired change in the communities in which we work. This goes beyond the use of technology and incorporates simple solutions with great impacts.