Who We Are

About Us

Active Voices is a pro-girl and pro-woman organisation that tackles critical issues paramount to health and development.

Active Voices believes in innovation and utilising non-traditional approaches to bring about the desired change in the communities in which we work. From inception in 2016, Active Voices has empowered girls and young people to protect themselves and have a say in their lives.

We take pride in our small-scale but successful efforts to tackle controversial and culturally sensitive issues like female genital mutilation and child, early and forced marriage while empowering practicing communities to self-abandon the practice. We believe in growth and increased impact and as a result, we have recently expanded our thematic areas.

Active Voices builds sustainable partnerships and collaborates with several organizations to bring about positive change.


To build a healthy and just society through advocacy, research, youth engagement and strategic interventions where the rights of women and girls are upheld, protected and promoted.


A just and equal society for women and girls devoid of vulnerabilities

Our Story

Active Voices was borne out of passion and love for volunteerism and community service.

We envision a society where everyone irrespective of age, gender, disability, sexual orientation or religious affiliation is empowered to live to their maximum potential with utmost health and opportunities for development in a sustainable environment.

This has been the bedrock for Active Voices and through the pathway of the sustainable development goals, we work to achieve the envisioned society with key focus on women and girls.