Our Work

Utilizing the organisation’s strategies, we develop and implement programs that advance the health, rights and development of women and girls with focus on 4 thematic areas.


We believe education is the single most effective way to end the cycle of poverty and for this, we work to advance equal access, inclusion and quality Education.

We engage in advocacy to promote girls’ education and improve Education in Nigeria. Our “Keep Girls in School” project also supports girls’ education through mentorship and the sponsorship of tuition, academic materials and uniforms for underprivileged girls.

You can contribute to girls’ education by supporting the Keep Girls in School project – click here

Health and Wellbeing

We support and promote holistic approaches to advance the total wellbeing of women and girls by focusing on seven (7) components related to health and wellbeing including (non-exhaustive list) sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), nutrition, and neglected tropical diseases (NTDs).

We engage in advocacy for improved sexual and reproductive health and rights for women and girls; provide comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) to adolescents and young people and have co-developed a CSE manual.

To address HIV-related stigma and discrimination, we are utilizing technology – Anonymous Partner Notification tool, while engaging offline with health workers. Our work on menstrual health management has reached over a thousand adolescent girls with information and access to supplies.

We are collaborating with the Federal Ministry of Health (NTD Control Programme) to increase awareness on NTD prevention and treatment in Nigeria.

Gender Based Violence

We work to eliminate forms of gender-based violence to enhance the dignity of girls and women. With focus on female genital mutilation; child marriage; sexual harassment and violence; and modern-day slavery.

We incorporate a community and youth led approach to end child marriage in Northern Nigeria through advocacy, engagement with religious and community leaders, community sensitization and youth engagement to generate discussions and stimulate efforts towards ending the practice of child marriage. In addition, we advocate for the promotion of girl-child education as a way of delaying the age of marriage.

 Active Voices prides itself in the strategic engagement of youths to drive the movement to end FGM while engaging community and religious leaders for a wider impact. To address medicalisation of FGM, we work with health workers and engage other relevant stakeholders including survivors for a holistic and sustainable approach.

We contribute to national discourse, support campaigns and partner with organisations towards addressing sexual violence and trafficking including the ongoing advocacy for the Gender and Equal Opportunity (GEO) bill.

Women’s Participation in Socio-Economic and Political Space

We leverage on partnerships and implement projects that strengthen women’s leadership capacity and participation in socio-economic and political space to advance equity in leadership.

This thematic area stemmed from our advocacy on the Gender and Equal Opportunity (GEO) bill, our work on poverty alleviation and the current political status in Nigeria especially the decline in leadership roles occupied by women.

 For more information on our work and thematic areas, click here to download our strategic plan